Alicen Lewis is a digital strategist, project manager, and fan culture expert. Her interests include esports, gaming, emerging technology, and writing about brand strategy in those spaces.

Although she is currently working as a full-time strategist and project manager at The Marketing Arm, feel free to send her a message if you have a project to collaborate on.



Digital Strategy

What Is Twitch – An Introduction For Marketers

Twitch Marketing Campaign Ideas

Coca-Cola Game-A-Thon 2017: When Brands Don’t Understand Their Platform

Web Design

Scripps Alumnae Los Angeles


A & E Automotive

Run Club

A web app designed to encourage coworkers to run consistently and achieve a shared goal.  20 employees logged their mileage over the course of 3 months of Run Club in order to ‘run’ 1500 miles from Los Angeles to Portland.  Their mileage was summed and used to determine how far up the coast they were, and they received badges based on both individual achievements and group goals.  Weekly newsletters kept employees updated on their progress and encouraged them to continue to track their runs.  The project was designed and run by Alicen, and used by employees at her company.


As an intern at a startup incubator,  Alicen was given the project of creating a subscription box service. After doing competitive analysis and determining that technology was the least saturated market, she ran a team that designed a product website, marketed through Facebook and Google ads, managed customer engagement through Mailchimp and social media, and used Google Analytics to justify choices.

Geek & Sundry Intern Diaries

Geek & Sundry Intern Diaries was a multimedia blog Alicen founded chronicling her experiences as an intern at Geek & Sundry, a YouTube channel with over 1,500,000 subscribers. The intern blog currently has over 1,000 followers, and is still regularly updated by the current interns.


Projects in Development

Dancing With The Fans

A YouTube series of cosplay dance routines (tango, waltz, salsa, etc) set to fandom music remixes.  Think Dancing With The Stars meets San Diego Comic-Con in a professionally produced music video.

Night at the Old Los Angeles Zoo

A mobile app/augmented reality game that encourages users to explore areas with ‘forgotten’ history, in this case the Abandoned Los Angeles Zoo.  The narrative is based on actual events documented by the Los Angeles Times from 1912-1966, and blends elements of mystery, horror, and history.

Capes Not Included

Co-created by Stina Seto, a personal trainer, med student, and former gymnast, Capes Not Included is a health, wellness, and lifestyle blog based around making the ordinary heroic, and the heroic achievable.  The articles are separated into four main groups.

  • Doing Good – Teaching readers how to do the small things to make the world a better place (donating blood, volunteering at a 5k, etc.)
  • Living Well – Taking care of yourself so you can be the best hero possible (Productivity Apps, How to Find a Gym Buddy, Preventative Health, etc.)
  • Education Research backed by facts about common trends (Fad Diets, Genetic Engineering/Monsato, Why Sleep Matters, etc.)
  • Pop Culture Anything health/fitness/lifestyle that also ties into geek culture (5 Nerdiest 10k’s, Science of Marvel, Pokemon Go and Health, etc)